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Where better to start than the beginning

Curious about this random blog that suddenly popped into existence around eleven o’ clock on a Monday night? Me too. I guess I better introduce myself and try to put into words to reason I decided to start this blogging adventure.

Hiya, I’m Auburn and I am full of surprises, love, fun, heart, determination, and dedication. That is what prompted me to put words to paper. After spending the past 13 years of my life playing soccer, which came to an end this past October when I broke my collarbone in my last season of college ball, I realized that not only do I need to stay in shape, but that I want to.

I love feeling healthy. I love the feeling you get after you worked your ass off. I love leaving feeling accomplished, happy, and covered in sweat. I love all of these aspects of working out. Being fit is more than being skinny. It is being healthy, happy, and energetic. This is where this blog comes in. I will be sharing my desire to stay in shape, to be as happy as can be, and to just feel good about myself. I hope you find inspiration, humor, and the support you need to get up off that couch and start making a difference in your life. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Until the next time I find a few minutes to gather my thoughts. For now, I leave you with this idea that really inspires me everyday.

– Auburn



2 comments on “Where better to start than the beginning

  1. pjaeger80

    Very true about how it feels after a good work out. I was feeling down past few weeks I feel like I haven’t lost as much as I could have. Or perhaps I wasn’t working out as much as I should, or eating the things I should be. That picture lifted my spirits tho 🙂 Thx for that

  2. auburn

    You are certainly welcome! Check out the latest post for the work out that I will be doing tomorrow. I encourage you to give it a shot! It will get your heart rate up and work on strengthening your muscles. I wish you all the best!

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