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Tomorrow is a new day

We all have those days where we don’t want to work out….and then we always have those days where our body physically tells us no. My body told me no today and let me tell you, it was not fun.

At approximately 8:05 this morning my friend and I embarked on a 45 minutes run. It was fog city out so we deviated from the typical lake run and ended up downtown. Well, about 11-12 minutes in (about 1.3 miles), my lower abdomen started to hurt. And when I say hurt I mean feels-like-you-got-kicked-in-the-stomach-by-an-ox kind of hurt. So needless to say, I’m sure my hunched over excuse for a walk as we looked for a place I can pop into to use the restroom was quite a site.

You are probably wondering, wow this girl can’t even run for 20 minutes without dying. Although that may be what is sounds like, and trust me that’s not the case, I tell you this slightly embarrassing story to motivate you. How is it motivating? Even though I didn’t run anywhere near as far or as long as I wanted to, I was still out there being active. And guess what, on Thursday I will be even more determined to secure four miles under my belt since I was robbed of the chance this morning.

Listen to your body, but also know that it is a wonderfully made machine that can go farther than you think. Part of the physical stems from the mental. Keep thinking positive and set little goals for yourself. Once you reach those goals, set higher ones! The progress may be small, but it is still amazing progress. Your mind, body, soul, and spirit will thank you.

Tomorrow is a new day. Even though I didn’t get the full workout I wanted today, tomorrow at 7am sharp I will be in the gym with my three friends running them, and of course myself, through a tough full body workout.

I would like to share my workout with you. I challenge you to take 30-45 minutes to complete all of the exercises and cardio. If you need to modify or take breaks, that is okay! You know your body better than anyone else. You know the changes you want to make. You know you have what it takes to reach your goals. Just give it your all and go out guns blazing.

Full Body Workout 2/5/14

Work for one minute then do a minute of cardio (down at bottom).

1. Elevated one-leg push up

2. Dead bug with stability ball

3. Plie goblet squat with weight

4. One arm med ball push up

5. Oblique crunch on stability ball (one minute each side)

6. Heady dead lift

7. Overhead tricep extension

8. Side plank twisters

9. Crossover lunge with weight

10. Heavy bicep curls

11. Reverse crunch

12. Bottom leg lift with weight

13. Chest fly on stability ball

14. V-up with stability ball

15. Ass to the ground squat with weight on shoulders

One Minute Cardio in between: rotate between the six exercises listed below (ie, do a minute of elevated one arm push ups, one minute of jump squats, one minute of dead bug, one minute of grioners, etc.)

1. Jump squats

2. Grioners (like mountain climbers but with bringing your feet all the way up to the outside of your hands – if that is too hard just do mountain climbers. Do ’em fast!)

3. Burpees- my favorite…

4. Jump rope – no rope, no problem. Just go through the motion

5. Plank jacks

6. Split jumps

If you don’t know what an exercise is feel free to comment with your question or just hit up the Google! Just remember to give it all you got. You may not be able to start out with the heaviest weights, but no one can say you didn’t try. No one can take your effort away from you.

– Auburn



2 comments on “Tomorrow is a new day

  1. Maggie Ross

    So looking forward to doing this with you tomorrow! We all have days where our body tells us no. Don’t let that make you feel like less than what you are. You are strong, healthy, fit, and happy. Don’t let today’s workout change your attitude. You are the success behind your own journey. ❤

  2. auburn

    Thank for the encouragement Maggie! You did awesome today and I am so glad you are joining us for our workouts! I saw you using those heavy weights girl 😉 Keep it up!

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