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BATTLEGROUND Challenge and all its glory


That is all I can say about today. My arms hurt just typing this entry. Why? Because I worked out for three hours today. Yeah, you heard me: three hours.

Why? BATTLEGROUND challenge.

This “challenge” was to help raise money for the battle against cancer. One of the BATTLEGROUND family members, Wayne Corbitt, recently lost his battle. This event was to help raise money for Wayne’s family. We raised $1,000.


Even thought I did not personally know Wayne, he was a member of the BATTLEGROUND family, and that made him special to me. I have made so many friends, of all ages, throughout my three years as a part of the BG family, and I wouldn’t trade the relationships I have with these people for anything in the world – Not even Keith Urban, and if you know me you would know that is a big sacrifice.

Loren and Jules are not only bad-asses, but they are always your biggest supporter and motivator. They will help you reach your goals. They will help you modify the exercises you need to modify. They will be there for you. Always. Without question. They are the best instructors because they actually care. They care about you. If you haven’t been to class in a while, they will bust your balls and give you a hard time, but then they will express how happy they are to have you back.

When I started going to BATTLEGROUND the summer before I entered my freshmen year in college (seems so long ago!) I had no idea how influential and inspirational these two crazy people would be in my life. I am not exaggerating when I say Jules and Loren are uh-ma-zing.

A combat class with Jules will make you feel like you can do anything! She is so passionate about being fit and giving it all you have at every workout. And it shows. She will be sweating within the first five minutes, and her short pixie hair will be plastered to her head with sweat. Jules is a motivator. She will (lovingly) yell at you and get you to do one last rep before the time ends! She will show you a modification but encourage you to do the harder version. She will call you out when you do something good. She makes you work ten times harder than you would if you were by yourself. Thank you, Jules. You are the reason I am in a constant state of sore whenever I am home.

ImageJules and Loren

Loren, who turns 45 on March 19th, is as fit as a fiddle. Actually, she is probably more fit than that! Seriously, this lady looks amazing. She runs a million miles a day and has abs of steal. Did I mention she is almost 45 years old?! Crazy, right? Loren provides the best encouragement and support throughout each BATTLEGROUND training session. She is always eager to help you reach your goal, no matter how crazy it might be! You will leave her bootcamp class completely drenched in sweat, with your muscles ready to fall off your bones. Sound sexy? I think so.

These two incredible women inspire me. Want to know why I want to become a certified personal/group trainer? Because of these women. Because of the dedication and love they show me every single time I randomly show up at BATTLEGROUND. Because of the heart and passion you see pouring out of them during every class they teach.

Loren and Jules are strong. They are sexy. They are smart. And they will kick your ass: guaranteed.

Like today. Today was brutal. Absolutely dreadful. I don’t know how I am walking or typing this. Here is the hell we suffered through:

  • One hour of combat: throwing punches, kicking, slamming invisible people to the ground, crazy abs. Hard.
  • 1.7 mile run: I stayed in the front, right behind Loren (who was carrying the massive BATTLEGROUND flag while she ran. Like I said: badass). After I finished I ran back to give Maggie, and then my mama, that little extra push to help them finish stronger than they started.
  • Bootcamp: 10 exercises. 10 reps. As many times through: burpee frog jumps, star jacks, diamond push ups, plank jumps, V-ups, grioners, squat jumps, one arm burpees, tricep push ups, burpee star jacks. Can you say cardio? I did 7 rounds. That is 700 total reps. Yikes.
  • 45 minutes of combat: throwing a million different punches into a punching bag. I got bloody knuckles. Once your five person group all went through, you dropped and did 25 push ups. I think we did over 200. Killer.


As I was writing this, I realized how crazy I must sound to have willingly signed up for this insane workout. Well yeah, I may be a little crazy. I may come from a long line of crazies (mama and dad were there too). But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Why? It was for a good cause, I have been working hard and getting stronger, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and I wanted to be there to support my mom, dad, Maggie, and fellow BATTLEGROUNDers.

My parents are strong. My parents are fit. I work out with my parents. How many 20-year-olds get to say that? Not many. I love working out with my parents. I love supporting my mom. I love pushing her to do her best. Dad, well he doesn’t really listen to me. He just does his own thing, but he still does awesome.

Miss Maggie (do yourself a favor and check out her blog) killed it today. This girl continues to surprise me! She is getting stronger every single day. She pushed herself to the limit and gives every ounce of energy into every workout we do. I am so happy that she decided to give working out with me a shot. I am so lucky to have a friend that is as serious as me about being fit and eating healthy. I am so excited for our Savage Race at the end of March. I am so proud of all her hard work and the dedication she gives to being the best version of herself that she can be. She continues to inspire me everyday and I am so lucky to have a spitfire girl like her in my life.


Maggie and I: We survived!

So, bottom line: today killed. Three hour workout with great people, for an amazing cause. BATTLEGROUND is a family. The friendship, support, and happiness that comes from that place is so inspiring. Loren and Jules, thank you for all  you do! I don’t know where I would be without your guidance, support, love, insanely hard workouts, humor, dedication, and friendship. I am so happy that my mother forced me to try out BATTLEGROUND so many years ago because I wouldn’t be who I am today without you ladies. All of the members of BATTLEGROUND are family. The comradery that engulfs BATTLEGROUND radiates from every class, every member, and it is contagious. You will be in a secret competition with the person next to you (at least I am of course…in my mind…) but you will push them to do more reps. You will give them crap for putting that weight down or for stopping with a couple seconds left. You can do anything for 15 seconds!

I encourage you to find a workout group near you. Just give it a shot. It is amazing what a little encouragement can push you to do. Give it your all. Invite your friends. Push them to give it their all. You will all walk away sweaty and sore, but you better believe that you will have a smile on your face.




3 comments on “BATTLEGROUND Challenge and all its glory

  1. Robin

    This is awesome Auburn, I’m very fortunate to be a part of all this as well. I honestly believe these ladies coming into my life, saved my life!!! 50 years old and best shape I’ve ever been. Still have a ways to go, but couldn’t do it without the awesome support I get from the Battleground family!!!

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  3. Auburn

    You look great, Robin! So proud of you and your dedication to being healthy! Keep it up!

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