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Do it at Disney!

Yesterday was my day off, so, naturally, I went to Disney. Alex and Maggie tagged along and we spent 12 glorious hours at the happiest place on Earth. This “day off” was an illusion. We walked over 11 miles and took over 20,000 steps. Legs on fire. Maggie and I were especially sore from the BATTLEGROUND Challenge we survived on Saturday.

Why am I talking about Disney? Well, I love it. But it also was a great, and sneaky, way to get in a little workout. Although walking isn’t as strenuous as what we do on the daily, it was tiring! We “Disney Walked” (really, really, fast speed walking) for the majority of our 12 hours at the parks. This pace will kill your quads, calves, and booty!

The walking was also the perfect way to flush out any lactic acid that was building up in our legs. Killing two birds in one stone: a little workout and a cool down in one? Perfection!

After my crazy weekend, interning, BG, and Disney, this morning was rough. Somehow, my blaring alarm startled me out of my deep, deep, deep sleep. I was so tired this morning, I felt like I was talking gibberish. As much as I wanted to just sleep until by afternoon class, I knew that I would regret not getting my sweat on as the sun was rising. Bright and early has never been my friend, but my desire to staying fit and healthy outweighs my laziness.

Even if you don’t want to, do it. Roll out of bed, throw on your workout clothes, lace up your kicks, fill up your water, grab your workout, and just do it. You will be so thankful you did. A morning workout will help give you energy to get you through your day. You may not think it will, but it’s true! Thanks to all those endorphins, you will be feeling great! Your mind, body, and soul will appreciate your dedication to your physical health.

I also think will also improve your emotional and spiritual health. When I go a few days without being active, I get grumpy, moody, and just feel like “yuck”. The dread I have before I start a work out is competely gone after a few exercises. The feeling I get from working out fuels me to keep getting up at 6:30-7am everyday. I do it for the muscles I see in my legs, arms, and abs. I do it for the empowerment I feel when I run 5 miles without completely dying. I do it for myself. I am not working out to impress anyone; I am simply working out so I can be the best and healthiest version of me I can be.

I feel like this post went a lot of different directions, which I blame on the exhaustion my brain and body has been experiencing over the past few days. Bottom line: work out, work hard, and do it even when you are tired, sore, or flat out just don’t want to. You won’t see or feel any changes if you don’t have the motivation to do what it takes to make the first step in the right direction.




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