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May the cards be ever in your favor

Today we tried something new! I’ve done it once before, so I thought my group and I should give it a shot. What you will need: a deck of cards.

That’s right. That is really all you need. And a ledge where you can do tricep dips. You can easily modify if you need to!

So, the workout is pretty simple. Each suit is a different exercise. We made face cards 10 reps of the suited exercise and we added a minute of cardio. Ace’s were planks because we couldn’t go outside to do the sprints.

Here it is:

  • Diamonds: diamond push ups
  • Clubs: bicycles (one, one; two, two)
  • Hearts: tricep dips
  • Spades: leg throwndown into a knees to chest v-up (we called these BG Abs because I learned them at BATTLEGROUND this weekend)
  • Kings: 10 reps + 1 minutes burpees
  • Queens: 10 reps + 1 minute mt. climbers
  • Jacks: 10 reps + 1 minutes jump squats (killer)
  • Aces: 1 minute plank – or suicide sprints if you can be outside!

It works like this. If you draw an 8 of hearts, you do 8 tricep dips. 7 of clubs? Get down and do 7 bicycles. When you draw a face card, do the ten reps and then a minute of the cardio. It took us 39:45 to finish all 52 cards and we didn’t take any breaks. If you need a break, place two jokers strategically in the middle range of the deck. That will give you two 2 minute breaks.

This workout may not seem all that hard, but trust me, it was! I was sweating and breathing heavy after only three cards. There is strength and cardio. Plus, all of the strength exercises have a cardio element to them so it is a double whammy. You do a total of about 95 reps of each exercise. There is a total of 9 minutes of cardio, but like I said, all of the exercises have a bit of cardio involved too. And then you have 4 minutes of plank.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty solid workout to me! Try to go as fast as you can to set a PR for the day. Next time you do it, try to beat that time! But don’t worry, if you can’t go as fast as your friends or as fast as you thought you could, that is okay! You are building your strength and stamina.

At first it may take you an hour to finish. Don’t be discouraged! An hour of working out is never a bad thing! If you continue to work hard at the Deck of Cards workout, other tabata or minute interval workouts, running, swimming, biking, or anything else that gets your active and gets your heart rate up, you will begin to see minutes fall off our overall time. You know what that is?


Even if it is only a couple seconds every time, you are still doing it faster than before. That is an accomplishment in and of itself. The next step would be to try to do it with no breaks, or if you were modifying, try to do it with out the modifications. Try the diamond pushups on your feet! If you can only do a few reps and then need to drop to your knees, it is okay! You were willing to try and you were able to do a couple! Keep building your strength and you will be able to keep bumping up the number of reps you can do without modification.

Not going to lie, sometimes I drop to my knees. It doesn’t happen often, but if we are doing a really intense upper body sequence or hundreds of pushups, I might do 5-on, 5-off. It is a good way to give yourself the little break you need, but then it gives you the chance to push yourself.

So, grab some friends and a deck of cards, and go out in the sunshine! Get your workout on in a fun way and it won’t even feel like a workout. Except for the fact that sweat will be dripping off your face, your muscles will be burning, and your heart will be pounding. But that’s the fun of it!

You have got to work hard to see changes. If you keep pushing yourself, you will get stronger, faster, and you will be working toward your individual goals.

I wish you all the best! May the cards be ever in your favor!

– Auburn



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