G.E.T. F.I.T.

Be genuine, energetic, tenacious, fearful, inspiring, thankful

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I will make this quick: love your reflection!

This morning I had a beautiful “ah-ha” moment when we were doing a lat pulldown exercise. As I raised the bar over my head, I couldn’t help but notice my arms. They were toned and defined! All of the hard work I have been putting into these early morning workouts showed right there. It was a great feeling knowing that I am sculpting my body. I am eating healthy, working hard, and it shows. Pretty dang proud.

Here is the workout we did today. We did four sets of 20 seconds, with 10 second rest in between each set. Feel free to do whatever interval or set time you want! It is your workout.

  • Chest press on stability ball
  • Scissors
  • Super girl squats – single leg squat then shift your weight and lean forward. Engage those abs!
  • Shoulder twist press
  • Side burpee with knee tuck – do a sideways burpee then pull your top leg into your chest
  • Triceps – extension, pushups, kickbacks: whatever floats your boat
  • Crunch punch – crunch with dumbbells in hand, punch across your body
  • KB swings
  • Lat pull down
  • Heavy bicep
  • Lateral lift – lay on your side, med ball in between your feet, lift legs off ground and feel the burn in your obliques
  • One minute wall sit
  • One minute plank

This was a pretty good workout. My arms and back will be sore tomorrow, but that’s okay because I’m only running 6 miles. Whatever you do, just remember to work hard. You can do 10 push ups or you can do 100 push ups. Either way, you won’t benefit if you don’t give everything you got. It may be hard to get up in the mornings. You may not like it – I know I don’t! But I know that it is worth it. After this morning, I know for certain that it is paying off. Your arms don’t magically become defined, you don’t wish to lose weight and it just happens.

You need to work for these things. And you need to work hard.

Does it hurt? Yeah. Does it burn? Oh yeah. Will you regret it? Heck no.

The pain is only temporary, but the change in your body, attitude, and thoughts are forever. You can make the change. You just need the drive and determination to make it happen. Start small and work your way up. Every bit of progress is good progress! When I can back from my collarbone injury I was curling 7 pounds. Now I am back to 25 pounds! It wasn’t easy, but working from that point to where I am again now just shows that with a little bit of heart, effort, and determination, you can do anything.

So go out there and run or do strength training. Build your cardio. Get stronger. You won’t regret it.




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