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Running in all sorts of directions

Hey again! Sorry it has been a while since my last post. With big project due dates looming closer, graduation right around the corner, and needing the energy to get up and live each day I have been busy! I have a lot going through my mind…. “Will we get a good grade on our project?”, “What am I going to do after graduation?”, “Is there something I am forgetting to do…?”. All of these questions can add stress to your everyday lives. While a little stress can be a good motivator, don’t bog yourself down!

Here are five little tips I found to help you alleviate some of the stress you are carrying around:

  • Take a break from whatever is causing you stress – Big project? Just walk away for an hour or two and then when you come back to focus on it again you will be calm, cool, collected, and ready to pounce.
  • Exercise! – What a great idea! Get your sweat on and benefit your mind and your body all at one. Go for a walk, jog, or bust out the heavy workout and really get your blood pumping.
  • Smile and laugh – A lot of the times when we are stressed we show it in our face. Beat that habit by smiling and laughing through the stressful times!
  • Get social support – Dish to your girlfriends or have a guys night out. No matter what it is, your friends will be there to support you. Being open about your stress is the first step to receiving help from your friends!
  • Meditate – It doesn’t have to be for long, but even a quick meditation can help open your eyes to new perspectives and it will help your mind and body relax. Who doesn’t crave a few relaxing moments when feeling stressed?

Even though I may be stressed about finishing up my classes, the uncertainty of my future, and tightening up all the little loose ends I need to, I still need to take a minute, breathe, smile, and remember all the good in my life! Great friends and family, amazing boyfriend, fun internship, bright future, healthy body, and so much more!

Stress is just another part of life. It is how you deal with the stress that will define what kind of life you will have. So nest time you are stressing over something, smile, eat some chocolate, listen to your favorite song, do whatever you need to give your mind a break. Just let your mind wander and when you are ready, focus.

Do you see yourself getting more stressed out over certain things? If so, make a change. How do you deal with stress? How can you better deal with stress? Asking yourself these questions can help you release some anxiety and just be happy. Thank for reading and have a great day!




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