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Savage Race Survivors!

For those of you that didn’t know, Maggie, her boyfriend Ben, Alex, and I participated in the Savage Race yesterday. What is that? Well, its a grueling obstacle and mud filled seven mile race where you have to not only crawl through mud, but you have to scale 10 foots walls, climb incline-decline monkey bars, carry heavy logs through water (badasses grabbed two per the signs demand), jump in a ice pool, and so much more.



This is what we have been training for! The day finally arrived and let me tell you, we were pumped. The first mile flew by and soon after that we were covered in mud. Maggie, who was fighting a sinus infection and fever, started to hurt a little bit into mile two (if my memory serves me correctly) and so we stopped so she could catch her breath, and so Ben and I could take a quick potty break in the woods. No shame.

Even though she was struggling, Maggie never quit. She never even thought about it. Even though we needed to stop every now and then, this girl never once walked. She ran the all seven miles and was a total beast on the obstacles. Sure us short ladies needed a hand on the 10-foot wall, but I’m not ashamed! I was able to complete the whole set of incline-decline monkey bars and I carried/shimmied myself all the way across the dangling-pipe-over-water obstacle.

The encouragement my friends gave me significantly helped me push through the struggle. It was by no means easy, but with Maggie right at the end telling me I was almost there and that I could do it, I knew that if I dropped into the water I would be so angry at myself. And even though she wasn’t able to go all the way across on the pipe, she was still encouraging me! That is awesome! That is what a true friend does. They push and support you no matter what.


After! We survived!

The Savage Race was by far the best, hardest, most fun mud race I have ever completed. It was Maggie, Ben, and Alex’s first time, and now they are hooked. Maggie and Ben are already signed up to so another one with me in July. I love knowing that I will have my friends running right next to me and to help support me in the race. Even though Ben and Alex could have easily blown past Maggie and I and gone ahead, part of the fun was just being with each other and watching and cheering on each other at the obstacles.

When Maggie was working her way up the last wall (literally like 20 feet tall with a 90 degree vertical at the end), Ben had more than half his body over the edge as he grabbed for Maggie’s arm, Alex was holding Ben so he wouldn’t fall, and I was leaning over to grab Maggie’s lower half to help hoist her up and over. Heck, even the guy next to Maggie held onto his rope with one hand and put his other arm around her to help her up. You better believe that after she got up that wall we were so happy for her! It certainly was not easy, but she didn’t give up. And I am extremely proud of Maggie for pushing herself in this race when she wasn’t feeling the greatest.

So, this post took a lit of different directions, but I hope you were able to pick up on these points:

  1. Do a mud race – you can thank me later
  2. Work out with friends
  3. Push yourself
  4. Help one another in all aspects of life
  5. Don’t give up

Let me know if you have ever ran in a mud race! Warrior Dash, Mud Endeavor, Savage Race! I want to hear about you success!



2 comments on “Savage Race Survivors!

  1. Maggie Ross

    Reblogged this on nmp and commented:
    One awesome chick and and even more awesome post! Do a mud race, work out with friends, push yourself, help each other, and don’t give up!

  2. Auburn

    Thanks Maggie! So proud of you and all your hard work! (:

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