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100 push up challenge

This weekend I went home, which meant I trained at BATTLEGROUND. I love going back to where my love for being fit flourished and this weekend left me sore and ready for more. Loren and Jules have given us BATTLEGROUNDERS a challenge. The Crossfit facility in the same industrial park issued a 30 push ups in 30 day challenge. 30 push ups? Really? I do that on the daily.

BATTLEGROUND wanted to give us a real challenge and that is how the 100 push up was born. Everyday we must do 100 push ups that is not included in the workout (meaning if you do tricep push ups as a station those don’t count toward your 100). This challenge for doing 100 push ups a day last for , you guessed it, 100 days.

Yesterday was day one for Alex, Gabby, Maggie and I and let me tell you, my shoulders and burning! It definitely isn’t easy, but I can just picture how sculpted my back and shoulders will look at the end. Can you say uh-ma-zing!

Since we are busy college kids, we are doing out 100 push ups in between each exercise during our workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today Maggie, Alex and I didn’t get to run due to gloomy weather, so we did a tabata workout with your 100 push ups instead of rest breaks. Here is the workout we did this morning (3 rounds of 30 second with three one-minute cardio sections) :

  • Decline Push ups (don’t count in the 100!)
  • Bosu Jumps
  • Alternating V-ups
  • Burpees (minute)
  • Bicep to Shoulder Press
  • Pulse Sumo Squats ( killer!)
  • Bicycles
  • Plank Jacks (minute)
  • Pull Ups
  • KB Deadlift Swing with push back
  • Rope Pulls (or other abs if you don’t feel it working your abs like me)
  • Mountain Climbers (minute)

We did our push ups after every tabata exercise and the last set we did right after the mountain climbers. For now they get harder, but soon enough they will get easier. Join the 100 push up challenge with us! My boyfriend, James, and Maggie’s boyfriend, Ben, have accepted our challenge. My mom is even doing it! I challenge you to give it a try too! Don’t think you have to do them all at once. Do 10 sets of 10 throughout the whole day and there are your 100 push ups! Easy right? I want to hear about how your challenge is going so feel free to comment. Have a good week!




One comment on “100 push up challenge

  1. Kim

    Day 2 for me complete! I did 4 sets of 25…love, Mom:)

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