G.E.T. F.I.T.

Be genuine, energetic, tenacious, fearful, inspiring, thankful

Just get mad

Hello again! With all the hustle and bustle my senior year coming to an end I just have simply not had the time to blog. Between working out, dealing with classmates and class projects, trying to make as many memories as possible, packing up my room, and finishing up my internship I have barely had time to eat and sleep.

Okay, maybe that is a little over exaggerated, but it is true that I have been exhausted these past few weeks. So much so that my left eyes has been twitching! During these past few weeks, I have really turned to my morning workout and runs to help alleviate some of the anger and stress that was building up inside.

For me, working out is more than the opportunity to look good or feel good. For me, it is the chance to push myself to that next level where I can let go of everything that is negative in my life and I can just be focused on my workout. A good workout is the best way to let your anger out. Don’t get mad at someone, get mad at that kettle bell. Get mad at the pull up bar.

Just get mad.

That anger will create a fire within you that will help you experience a workout like never before. Do I get frustrated? All the time. Can you always tell? No, because by 8am I have already let loose of my frustration, anger, worry, sadness, and every other negative emotion that I don’t want to carry around for the rest of the day.

In the beginning it won’t be easy. Your mind will want you to keep dwelling on the negatives. That is when you have to put your badass panties on and tell the negative Nacy to shut it. Block it out. Don’t let it get to you. Think only positive thoughts. That will get you so much farther.

For my run on Thursday we were doing 4 miles. I was going at a pretty good pace, my first mile was 8:21, so I was feeling the soreness and shortness of breath a little more than usual since I was picking up the pace. My legs were heavy. My arms were sore. As much as I wanted to slow down and just do a nice easy run, I knew that wasn’t going to help me reach my goal.

My goal was to beat the 5K time I set earlier this month: 25:49. That is pretty darn good for me. I am proud of that. But. I want to beat it.

So I created a training program that Maggie and I have been doing for the month of April. We run the 5K again Saturday, although I will do it on Monday, and we will try to beat our original times. During my 4 mile run on Thursday I was only off of my 5K time by about 30 seconds.

I am so close!

I knew that I could run at that quicker pace. Even though my body wanted me to slow down, my mind kept telling me to go. Go. Run. Faster. You got it. You are doing great. You are almost there. You are so close to your goal.

All of those thoughts were running through my head during those 4 miles. When I finished, I knew that I would be able to crush my 5K time when the day came. I know that when I run the mud race we are training for in July I will be even faster. It may take baby steps, but you can get there one day.

The secret is to stay positive. Flush all the negatives out. Don’t bring those to your work out. Drop them off at the door and forget to pick them up on your way out. Trust me. Your mind will be so much clearer.

So get out there are turn that frustration into sweat. Let it drip off of you and don’t worry about what happens to it. Not only will you kick butt in your workout, but you will see an improvement in all aspects of your life as well.

– Auburn



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