G.E.T. F.I.T.

Be genuine, energetic, tenacious, fearful, inspiring, thankful

Be Inspired

Wondering how I became so passionate about health and fitness? I am too! But seriously, the reality of staying healthy after my college soccer career ended finally hit me in the beginning of 2014. This is my journey and the reason behind this blog:



Loren and Jules are the root of this passion. Before my freshman year of college I spent a few weeks training at their BATTLEGROUND preparing for my first season. I was hooked. Every summer I would come back and train. I would get stronger. I actually looked forward to working out. The passion they have for helping others achieve their goals is beyond inspiring. I have seen the positive way they have impacted the lives of their members. I got my parents to join and soon their friends had fallen in love. It is more than just a place to workout: The atmosphere. The friends. The encouragement. The love. The hard work. The dedication. The results. The family. It is so worth it.

                                                               Savage Race – Not Your Normal Fun Run

I have participated in too many mud runs to count, but they have all been 5ks. I want to push myself. I want to push my body and my mind to the limit. I want to run 7.1 long miles through mud up the my knees. I want to throw myself over the obstacles. I want to show my strength, endurance, and determination. I want to sprint across that finish line glistening with sweat and covered in mud. The concept may not be new to me, but the overall experience will be harder than anything I have ever done before. I can’t wait.


I want to run in a RunDisney race. I chose the Tower of Terror 10-miler. Do I like to run? Hell no. Will I do it? Hell yes. For a couple years now I have been thinking about challenging myself with one of these races, but I always forget, talk myself out of it, or am just not available on race day. Not this year. Not only am I running a RunDisney race, I am running 10 miles! What? I am training now. I am training hard. If I am going to pay $125 dollars to run, you damn well better believe that I will finish every single mile. Although running isn’t my most favorite activity in the world, I am so excited for this race. I will work. I will sweat. I will log miles. I will probably cry. But I will be victorious – and then I will party with villains until 4am. Wicked.


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